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Pure, Natural Seafood Delivered To Your Door

We worked with Carmichael Training Systems, the established leaders in endurance coaching, to develop a product specifically designed for the endurance athlete.  CTS’s total coaching approach includes a nutritional strategy to keep its athletes optimally fueled, lean, and powerful.  Their comprehensive technique translates to proven success, with CTS Athletes standing on podiums worldwide in nearly any given week.

The CTS Endurance Pack is a blend of three wild-caught, coldwater fish species that are delicious as well as rich in Omega-3s and protein. Omega-3 heart healthy fats have been proven to provide positive cardio and pulmonary effects during exercise. Additionally, the protein in fish serves as fuel for the body, and provides an appetite satiety effect that is stronger than found in either chicken or beef.  Good fish serves as healthy training food that fuels you and helps keep you lean. See The Science page for more information and links to research references. Enjoy this delicious, healthy combination:


Customer Reviews

Amazing Product, ordering again shortly. Thank you!! -Andrew U.

Excellent Quality Product, Beautifully packaged for transport. -Sheila R.

Sizzlefish is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are a satisfied customer. I love their fish and will continue to purchase from them. I highly recommend them. -Sarah B.

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