Earth Day

Earth Day

"Earth from Apollo 17" by Marc Van Norden is licensed under CC BY 2.0  

By Dale Mayo

In the 1960s, before there was an Environmental Protection Agency and few laws protected air and water, industrial pollution was common.  Rachel Carson’s New York Times bestseller Silent Spring was published in 1962 and raised public awareness about the environment and the links between pollution and public health. Also in 1962, Gaylord Nelson, known as “the Conservation Governor” of Wisconsin for two terms, was elected to the US Senate, where he focused on national environmental issues for 18 years.  Earth Day was his idea – to focus on the different environmental issues facing different parts of the country. 

In 1970, the first Earth Day was a huge success, not only for the numbers of participants, but also it brought together Republicans and Democrats and people from all demographics – rich and poor, union members and business leaders, farmers and urban dwellers, scientists, and politicians – who came together for the environment. Groups that had been fighting individually against pollution, and destruction of wilderness, and the extinction of wildlife united on Earth Day around these shared common values.  By the end of 1970, the first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.[1], [2] 

Earth Day has since become a global phenomenon – in 1990 Earth Day mobilized 200 million people in 141 countries to lift environmental issues onto the world stage.  More than a billion people now recognize and actively participate in Earth Day events.  

Importance of sustainable sourcing

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the US had a well-earned reputation as a global leader in sustainability.  US fishermen abide by some of the most rigorous environmental measures in the world for both wild-caught and farmed species.[3] has many years of experience sourcing, preparing, and packaging the best seafood.  We want to be able to continue supplying all the first-quality seafood that our customers have come to expect from us.  Eating high-quality seafood is not only good our customers, but also for earth, with natural, sustainably sourced seafood.   

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