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Wild Pacific Halibut Sustainably Sourced From the Pristine Waters of Alaska
6 products
6 products
Cooking Halibut Fillets
raw wild alaskan halibut fillet
Wild Alaska Halibut
4+ Oz Portions
from $18.95
Selection of paleo fish including Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillet, Deveined shrimp, scallops and north atlantic haddock
shrimp, scallops, alaskan salmon and haddock on plate
Paleo Prime Plus
Alaskan Halibut With Crabcakes
Halibut & Crab Cake Sampler
Alaska Sockeye Salmon Shrimp and Coho Salmon
Wild Alaska Salmon, Shrimp, and Halibut
Paleo Sampler
Halibut & King Salmon
Alaska Halibut and King Salmon Sampler
Alaska Halibut & King Salmon Duo
Cooked Halibut Cheeks
Alaska Halibut Cheeks
1/2 Lb Bags
from $24.95