Essential Omega-3 Blast

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Do you know what an "essential" nutrient is? Even if you do, I’m going to tell you so don’t think too hard. It is a nutrient that your body needs but cannot make on its own. There are roughly 28 essential nutrients including Omega 3. We have to obtain these essential nutrients from our diet and it only makes sense to try our best to derive them from the actual FOOD source they are found in. Yay food! This will also limit the amount of man made supplements we consume. Whole food based eating is the ideal choice because these essential nutrients cannot work alone; essentials need the help of the other naturally occurring nutrients found in whole food.


It’s time to help a body out and eat more whole foods!

Fish is the perfect catch for supplying your body with proper Omega 3 intake. Think less fishy supplement burps and more yummy and satisfying meals!

At Sizzlefish we are here to help you out by offering FREE SHIPPING on our Omega 3 BLAST! The Omega 3 blast is exactly that - a beautiful selection of three types of omega-packed fish: Coho Salmon, Atlantic Salmon and Sablefish.

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