Green Bean Salmon Avocado Boats

How to use leftover FISH +  Green Bean Salmon Avocado Boats. --> Making Leftovers Healthy and Simple

We are a HUGE fan of leftovers, the least amount of prep work is always appealing. Plus they are perfect to take to work for lunch.Then there are some meals we intentionally make double batches of, just so we can have delicious leftovers that make for quick and easy meals to SHARE on school nights.

Seafood can be easily be included in this mix of leftovers. You just have to know the "leftover seafood basics" and go from there!

I. Be careful with reheating. No microwave, and no second shot at pan searing. If you must apply direct heat, make it very gentle and very brief.


II. Above all else, no fish dish shall be the same, you must re-imagine the fish. You can adapt many fish recipes by adding leftover fish instead of fresh, just be sure to use the leftover fish within a day or two.


Today we have a unique leftover fish dish for you to try! Also check out our sizzlefish pinterest for more leftover fish recipes to get your creative juices flowing!



  • Corn Tortilla cups (you can easily use taco shells too)
  • leftover sizzlefish salmon or 1 cup cooked salmon (chopped)
  • steamed green beans
  • greens or spinach (slightly steamed)
  • avocado slices
  • Creamy dill or cilantro yogurt dressing.
  • ground pepper
  • optional : curry powder

Preparation Instructions:

Heat your tortilla cups in microwave or in oven for just a few seconds until warm and toasted. Fill each cup (boat) with your greens and then add your salmon and avocado slices on top. Drizzle with dressing and add fresh ground pepper and curry powder (if desired).


Super easy leftover lunch or light meal!


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Lindsay and Abby

Sizzlefish Nutrition Specialist

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