Spicy Breakfast Salmon Tostadas

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2 corn tortillas
2 eggs
2-3oz cooked SizzleFish Sockeye Salmon, flaked
small handful spinach
2 tbs greek yogurt
2-3 tsp Flavor God Spicy Everything seasoning

Preparation Instructions:

1. Grill your corn tortillas (or warm as desired)
2. Scramble your 2 eggs
3. Place half spinach on top of each tortilla
4. Divide eggs between each tortilla
5. Flake SizzleFish salmon on top of eggs
6. Mix together greek yogurt, seasoning and water to create desired consistency
7. Drizzle over salmon


Recipe By: Sarah @ www.ingredientsofafitchick.com

1 comment

  • Miguel Vega

    Looks delicious

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