Seasoning Your Fish

When I first started cooking fish, I had no clue what to put on it. I guess you could say this sushi loving girl was clueless. But I had to start somewhere! I asked a lot of my friends for their favorite seafood recipes and their favorite way to prepare fish. I wrote them all down and started experimenting in the kitchen. You know what I found out? Fish is pretty versatile!

There are several different ways you can season fish, but today we’ll start with the basics.


Great with dill weed, fennel seed, and lemon zest. And if you like spice, you could always add chili pepper or curry powder combined with garlic. Salmon is the meaty fish, so strong flavors are do-able!


Great with spring like spices and herbs;onion, bay leaves, cayenne, cilantro, orange zest, and shallots. My favorite combo is cilantro and orange zest!


Another white fish that is great with fresh herbs. Haddock also pairs well with Indian spices like garam masala and turmeric. You can season your fish with these Indian spices then add a little fresh yogurt on top!


Scallops are one of my favorite to season. You can make them buttery by sautéing in butter with garlic or onion, or you can bake in a chicken broth with a bit of parsley. Simple and delicious!

So you see, seasoning your fish can be quite easy. All you need are the right spices and a fresh piece of fish!