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Pan-seared Salmon & Fruit Salsa

2 servings. Prep time 15 min, cook & plate time 10-15 min.  Total 30 minutes

Everything in this dish happens fast! Once you are prepped and ready this won’t take more than 15 minutes max to get everything done. So it is best to wait and cook the salmon just before you are ready to eat.  You can make a very fresh and delicious meal quickly – give it a try!

Carrot salad

Using a potato peeler, slowly peel large "ribbons" of carrots, at least one large carrot per person into a mixing bowl. Fold this in with your favorite combination of dried fruits (raisins, cherries, other) and chopped parsley, and set aside. Later, when the fish is cooked, quickly mix all the salad ingredients and add a serving to each plate as a bed to place the salmon.

Fruit Salsa

You can make this your favorite combinations of fruits. I've kept this one simple by adding a firm ripe banana, diced, and we also used fresh pineapple. Strawberries work really well also. Combine all the listed items and set aside until fish is cooked.


Generously dust each piece of with your favorite mexican seasoning, and set aside while prepping carrot salad and fruit salsa. Then bring a pan to medium-high heat. Add a splash of oil, and immediately lay the fish into pan, skin side up. Adjust the heat up if necessary - you should have a nice sizzling sound. Once the edges have turned opaque (approx 4 min), carefully flip the fish over, and cook on medium heat, approx 6 - 8 minutes. Fish should be at a medium doneness.

Add salmon portions onto beds of carrot salad. Spoon the fruit salsa onto the salmon. Add a spoonful of hot pan juices onto the salsa for a finishing touch. Enjoy!