Perfectly Fit Protein


The word “protein” is derived from the Greek word proteios, or “primary.” Which is fitting because after water, protein is the most plentiful and primary component of our body! Our body produces proteins to make up our hair, muscles, nails, tendons, ligaments, and other body structures. Proteins also work as enzymes, hormones, and as parts of other important cells such as our genes. Protein literally HOLDS us together!  


Protein is a popular word in health and fitness circles right now. I’m afraid the average American is beginning to think it is “healthy” to guzzle protein any way they can! While we do need it on a daily basis, we need to be mindful of our daily amounts. The body does not need or use excess protein. If we constantly consume too much, it can become a burden on the kidney and the liver. The average American easily reaches and often exceeds their daily protein requirement, without being on a high protein diet. So how much is too much?

Here is simple way to calculate your daily protein need: multiply .36 grams by your weight in pounds, this will give you the amount of protein you require in a day. In cases of endurance athletes who train at high intensities a high protein diet is required. Athletes should multiply .8 grams by your weight in pounds.


At Sizzlefish we are committed to making a healthy and fit lifestyle easily obtainable. With our perfectly portioned fish packages we have taken the guesswork out of how much is too much, and given you a healthy protein source.

Cheers to eating perfectly fit!

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