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Buttery Parmesan Grits & Shrimp

April 15, 2015

Parmesan Shrimp and Grits


This Buttery Parmesan Grits and Shrimp recipe is a great version of the classic shrimp and grits. It is simple, a good deal healthier, and (in my opinion) more flavorful. It's very much an unconventional take on a conventional recipe, which some people should end up liking more than the original.


1/4 cup polenta
2 tsp ghee (1 tsp + 1 tsp)
1 tbs Parmesan
4 oz SizzleFish shrimp
2 tbs onion, diced
2 oz portobello mushrooms
cracked black pepper, to taste

Preparation Instructions:

1. Cook polenta according to package directions (made with water)
2. While polenta is cooking, saute onions and mushrooms in 1 tsp ghee.
3. Add in shrimp and sear on each side until just pink
4. When polenta is done cooking immediately stir in 1 tsp ghee, parmesan and cracked black pepper
5 .Spoon polenta/grits into a bowl and top with sauteed veggies and shrimp

Serves: 1 (can easily be doubled or quadrupled for larger size families)


Recipe Credits: Ingredients Of A Fit Chick

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