Verified Buyer
April 12, 2018 by Ashley A (NC, United States)
“Sizzlefish never lets me down.....easy order, prompt delivery and delicious products! Thanks!”
Verified Buyer
March 29, 2018 by M Crooks (CA, United States)
“Fantastic! The young woman I spoke with on the phone made sure my order went out that day, even though it was past the ordering deadline- that's great service! The fish is delicious and excellent quality! Truly a satisfied customer.”
Verified Buyer
March 28, 2018 by julie s (United States)
“Great taste of fresh seafood!”
Verified Buyer
March 24, 2018 by william p
“Love sizzlefish!!!”
Verified Buyer
March 23, 2018 by Barbara P
“Excellent experience!”
Verified Buyer
March 20, 2018 by Karen W (FL, United States)
“We have a monthly subscription that includes sea scallops and Alaskan salmon. We really like the heads up that confirms our order is getting ready to ship because it gives a few days to go in and modify it. We've tried the crab cakes, halibut and calamari. It's easy to modify the upcoming order via the website. And, we love having these go-to options in our freezer.”
Verified Buyer
February 23, 2018 by William W (CO, United States)
“Consistently great quality seafood and service. We'll order again and again.”
Verified Buyer
June 2, 2017 by Wren M (CO, United States)
“With Sizzlefish we always receive exactly what we expect. Customs service is fantastic. I placed an order just before Memorial Day and a customer service representative contacted me to ensure we would be home on the Saturday it was set to arrive. When our seafood arrived it was in excellent condition and we have been enjoying everything we received.”
Verified Buyer
June 2, 2017 by Christine B
“Love Sizzlefish - convenient and fish has been very fresh!”
Verified Buyer
June 1, 2017 by Thomas M (FL, United States)
“The best seafood source. I love the convenient, ready to go mini bags of shrimp and scallops and the Kendall Brook smoked salmon. I can buy the salmon locally, but it is fresher and more convenient to always have it on hand in the freezer rather than chasing after it and checking expiration dates. I was a little uneasy about trying a new online seafood place, especially in the hot weather. However, I find their customer service stellar with consistently fast shipping and, of the greatest importance of all, they pack plenty of dry ice so there is no question about the seafood staying completely frozen. Sizzlefish is a great find to me.”
Verified Buyer
May 15, 2017 by Jenna P (NY, United States)
“I love Sizzlefish! I haven't had a bad experience with them in the past year of ordering, and I love their prices compared to other online marketplaces.”
Verified Buyer
March 5, 2017 by Stephanie A
“Always easy to shop with Sizzlefish!”
Verified Buyer
March 2, 2017 by Chris P
“Sizzle fish make shopping easy, stress-free, and always fun”
Verified Buyer
February 23, 2017 by Justin G
“Absolutely love Sizzlefish.”
Verified Buyer
February 23, 2017 by Celia L
“I love SIzzlefish Yes I do. I love Sizzlefish, how about you?”
Verified Buyer
January 11, 2017 by Kara F
“Superb, high quality fish and seafood! Great company and customer service!! Love being a regular customer!”
Verified Buyer
January 8, 2017 by Ron S
“This is my third order and everything has always gone well.”
Verified Buyer
December 31, 2016 by BEVERLY B
“Shopping is easy and I can count on fresh seafood, delivered to my door. My resolution for 2017 - to eat more seafood!”
Verified Buyer
December 28, 2016 by Debra C (WA, United States)
“A quick and convenient experience. I'll be doing it again!”
Verified Buyer
December 25, 2016 by jonathan t (United States)
“Ordering product from this company was an enjoyable experience .as it was shipped quickly and accurately”

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