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Copper River King Salmon

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Alaska Seafood

Alaska Seafood


  • 6 - 6 Oz Portions Copper River King Salmon
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A One of a Kind Delicacy

What Makes Copper River Salmon Special?

Wild Salmon are unique in that they begin life in fresh water. Once hatched, they make their way out to the ocean where they continue to grow for several years. When fully mature, the adult Salmon begins the journey back up the stream to breed and lay new eggs. During the arduous trip upstream, salmon do not feed. Instead, they rely on fat stores to provide energy for the epic journey.

This is where Copper River King Salmon are standouts. The Copper River is 290 miles long, draining 24,000 square miles of Alaska including the melt-water from several glaciers. The river drops 12 feet per mile, moving its great volume of water at 7 miles per hour. In terms of water discharge, it ranks as the tenth-largest river in the US. Because of the sheer size of this famous Alaska river, Copper River Salmon must store a significant amount of energy (omega-rich fats) to swim upstream and breed. This is why Copper River Salmon has the reputation of being the fattest and richest flavored Salmon there is.

Our Copper River King Salmon is caught just before this upstream journey, yielding fillet cuts that are delicious and provide outstanding health benefits! Share this fish with friends, and stock up for yourself.

Copper River King Salmon Sourcing Information

We’re supporting healthy, abundant oceans by partnering with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program, and we're making changes to source only environmentally responsible seafood. Learn more at

Wild Alaska Copper River King Salmon sourcing information

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    Copper River King Salmon Nutrition Information

    Copper River King Salmon nutrition info


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