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Wild Sea Scallops

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  • 12 - 4 oz+ Packs (4 Scallops Per Pack)

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Wild, Naturally Sweet Atlantic Sea Scallops

Our scallops are harvested in the Georges Bank area between Cape Cod and Cape Sable.

Dry Pack Scallops Have No Water or Chemicals Added

Our sea scallops are dry pack scallops, meaning they are shucked and then frozen "unprocessed" (not soaked in a water and preservative solution before freezing). This ensures you get only pure, natural, wild scallops. These are large (10-20 count per lb), packed 4 scallops per package, so that each serving package is 4+ oz.

Preparing Sea Scallops is Easy

Enjoy the rich flavor of wild sea scallops by searing them or simply preparing them so that their natural juices caramelize on the surface. Be sure to check out one of our scallop recipes below.

Sea Scallops are Healthy

Wild sea scallops are a low calorie source of protein. Sea scallops provide a surprisingly high amount of omega-3s, as well as important vitamins & minerals like vitamin B12 (which can help prevent anemia, depression, fatigue and memory problems, selenium (which acts as an antioxidant), and zinc(which helps to maintain a healthy immune system and heal wounds). Think of these scallops as a healthy indulgence. 


Includes 12 Packs of:

  •  Sea Scallops  (4 wild scallops per pack)

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    Sea Scallops Sourcing From Virginia To Canadian Grand Banks

    We’re supporting healthy, abundant oceans by partnering with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program, and we're making changes to source only environmentally responsible seafood. Learn more at

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