Easy Mother's Day Seafood Brunch Recipes

Delicious Mother's Day Recipes

Everyone knows that Mother's Day is all about showing mom you care. Oh, and of course, brunch! What better way to show love than through cooking her the best seafood brunch she has ever had! 

From smoked salmon to lobstershrimp and everything in between, these 16 recipes will help create a relaxing and healthy meal without slaving away in the kitchen! 

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Stack

Homemade buns, smoked salmon, avocado, and egg come
together to make this simple, yet beautiful brunch dish! 
Smoked Salmon Breakfast Stacks

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl 

Pair your morning eggs with smoked salmon, a few
veggies and you will have a simple breakfast bowl ready for
mom in minutes!
Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl

Smoked Salmon Croissant Strata

Smoked Salmon and croissants? It's the perfect dish for mom;
elegant, savory and a little bit indulgent!
Smoked Salmon Croissant Strata

Smoked Salmon Bagel Pizza

Loaded Smoked Salmonand Everything Bagel pizza has
all the goodness of bagels and lox but in the form of pizza.
Need we say more?
Smoked Salmon Bagel
These salmon cakes are super easy, delicious and healthy!
Just the way mom would like a meal to be! 
Salmon Breakfast Cakes

Grilled Salmon Nicoise Salad With

Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette 

Why not serve mom a salmon salad that is
brighter than any bouquet of flowers! 
Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

Smoked Salmon Zucchini Salad Bowl 

This bright lunch bowl pairs salty smoked salmon with fresh,
sweet strawberries for the perfect balance of flavors! 
smoked salmon noodles

Lobster Avocado Toast

This fancy toast combines creamy avocado, sweet lobster,
and fiery jalapenos to create a beautiful and flavorful plate! 
Lobster Avocado Toast

Lobster Frittata

What mom doesn't love lobster? So, why not serve it in this
scrumptious frittata filled with eggs, swiss, zucchini
and of course, lobster!
lobster frittata

Lobster & Mango Salad

Lobster and mango salad, a refreshing and delicious lobster
salad recipe with mango that works well as a starter or
a light lunch!
lobster mango salad

Blackened Shrimp Salad 

Loaded with tons of flavor and piled high with salsa, corn,
black beans and spicy blackened shrimp, this salad is an
easy Mother's Day recipe!
blackened mexican shrimp salad

BBQ Shrimp and Lime Avocado Toast

Crisp toast layered with avocado, BBQ shrimp and goat
cheese make this recipe not only easy but loaded with
texture and flavor! 
shrimp avocado

Shrimp & Mango Ceviche 

Made in just 5 minutes this shrimp & mango ceviche works
well as an appetizer or light brunch dish. Pair it with chips,
crunchy toast or serve over mixed greens. 
mango ceviche

Pan Seared Scallops With Warm Asparagus,

Kale & Tangerine Salad

Scallops cook up so quickly that you can have this bright
and fresh dish on the table for mom in no time! 
pan seared scallops

Cod Fish Cakes With Lemon Caper Mayo 

These super crispy and fluffy cod cakes are a great little
bite to enjoy while sitting with mom on Mother's Day
enjoying a glass of champagne. 
cod fish cake

Halibut Nicoise Salad with Lemon Dill Vinaigrette 

Pair white, flaky halibut with all the traditional fixings for a
Nicoise salad and you will be serving mom a dish that is 
almost as beautiful as she is!  
halibut nicoise salad
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